pickle tanks

Old-style Pickle Tanks

The food industry is undergoing dramatic change.  Pressures mount to conform to government regulations and consumer preferences.  In response, traditional methods of pickle processing and storage are evolving.   Opportunities exist for pickle processors to gain economic, environmental and efficiency benefits from innovation.

Fermenting Solutions International, LLC) offers A-Ferm consulting and implementation services, based on its proprietary fermentation technology.   Our modern, patented calcium fermentation process provides clear advantages over traditional methods.   The end result is consistent, high quality fermented food products.


Whole Fermented Pickles in Barrels.

We have provided a lot of background information on this website we hope you will find interesting and helpful.  In addition, we are ready to respond to any questions and comments that you have.

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Fermentation Science

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Scientific Basis for FSI

FSI Services and Approach

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